Change the prompt text of 3CX live chat popup

If you hope to change the prompt text of 3CX live chat popup, for example, the default text is name, you hope to change it as name and number, you can refer to the steps below:

  1. create the code you want in 3CX website(;
  2. download the file callus.js from the link( of code:

Please open the link in the Edge browser, in toolbar, please go to more->more tools->save page as, and save the file to the local computer.

  1. open the .js file using VS code, and search the related word “Auth”:{“Submit”:”Chat”,”Name”: then edit name as name and number like this:

After that, please save the settings.

  1. upload the file to a location which can be accessible from Internet;
  2. change the new link in the code:

  1. upload the code to the company website, and the test result is like this: