China SIP Trunk

58 VoIP cooperates with the three major operators in mainland China to provide SIP Trunk services and Local DID numbers. We can currently provide numbers for Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It can directly connect SIP Trunks to 3CX systems, eliminating the need to configure third-party VoIP Gateways.


  • The opening time is short, and when the information is complete, it takes only 7 working days to apply for the number.
  • The number of concurrent channels can be flexibly customized according to the needs, or can be increased at any time.


  • One year contract at least. The annual charge shall be prepaid.
  • Currently, we only offer IP2IP connection. So the PBX shall has a public static IP.


  • The applicant shall have a legally registered and operating company in mainland China
  • Copy of company business license and Copy of the applicant’s ID


  • Initial Setup Fee 200RMB
  • DID Number Charge 35RMB/Month
  • Outbound rate 0.25RMB/Minute, no inbound charge
  • 180RMB minimum commitment charge per month for one channe


We are sip expert to help you connect any your sip platform-PBX,video conference,and Micorsoft Teams application to China.


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