Manually register a remote extension to 3CX requires STUN server to be enabled

Background: We have many customers’ 3CX servers in the cloud. When manually registering extensions, we found that only one phone is registered, and other phones have failed to register (using UDP registration). At this time, we need to set up

How to perform a Forced Factory Reset on Fanvil and Yealink IP Phone

Background: During the normal use of the phone, the user needs to enter the password when logging in to the web page of the phone or go to the advanced settings of the phone screen to complete the factory settings. The

How is the Fanvil phone exporting the configuration file

Background: Sometimes we need  troubleshooting the phone,  batch upgrade the phone configuration file or modify the parameters of the phone, etc. Then we need export the configuration file of the phone, this document will introduce How is the Fanvil phone exporting