How to use the Fanvil X210 to view Hikvision IP camera

How to use the Fanvil X210 to view Hikvision IP camera

The X210 is a high-end business IP phone for users who need flexibility and advanced features to easily work with the X210’s 4.3-inch main color display with 10 DSS buttons and two 3.5-inch side color displays. Up to 96 DSS buttons (32 physical buttons) can be configured, so the X210 can be configured with up to 106 DSS buttons for setting up BLF/speed dialing and multicast functions. The X210 is also equipped with HD voice, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection support, EHS support, PoE Gigabit dual network port. The X210 Can be connected to IP camera / video access. The X210 with high-end features can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise communication. In this article we will show you how to use the Fanvil X210 to view the Hikvision IP camera.

Model and Firmware

Fanvil 210, firmware version: T1.11.2 and above

Hikvision DS-2CD2110FD-IS


  • First, we need change the IP address of the Hikvision camera. The default IP address is We connected the camera to the power supply, then connected it to our computer with a network cable, and changed the IP of the computer to the same IP network segment as the camera.
  • Enter in the browser, the default account password is admin/12345. After entering the IP, you will be asked to change the password. Here we change the password used for testing to a12345.

  • After entering the camera webpage, we go to Configuration – Network – Basic Settings. Here we test the network used is After the change is completed, the camera will restart.
  • Next, we log in to the X210 web interface, you can view the phone’s IP address through the phone settings button, and then enter the phone IP into the phone web interface on the browser. Go to the shortcut settings to configure. As shown below:

  • Type: Here we choose the URL
  • Name: Here we are writing the hall camera.
  • Value: rtsp://admin:a12345@

Note: The value here can be configured according to Hikvision’s rtsp format.

After setting, when we press the option of the speed dial button on the video phone, we can call the IP camera to check the situation on the spot.


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