FreePBX gets the DND status of Fanvil IP phone

When we change the DND status in Fanvil IP phone, for example, we press the DND button or press BLF keys (after we set DND on the BLF keys), if we hope the IPPBX(like FreePBX) can get the DND status of IP phone, we can refer to the below method to set.

1.Please login the web page of Fanvil IP phone, and go to Line->SIP->Advanced Settings, and make the settings like this:

  • Use Feature Code: enable
  • Enable DND: *78 (from Freepbx side)
  • DND Disable: *79 (from Freepbx side)
  • Enable Feature Sync: enable

Please check the feature code in FreePBX side:

2. Please try to press DND button or DND BLF keys on the Fanvil phone, and then run the command in FreePBX to check the DND status:

Please note:

If different IPPBXs get the DND status of Fanvil phone, the Fanvil phones may have the different settings. The settings above apply only to FreePBX.