How to block the call from 3CX IVR extension

How to block the call from 3CX IVR extension


If we create a Digital Receptionistextension (Also called IVR extension) when we using 3CX system, then after the call is sent to the IVR, other extension numbers can be dialed directly from the IVR extension. Many companies will bind the company’s outside phone number directly to the IVR extension. When the customer dials the line, they will hear a voice prompt. According to the prompt, they can transfer the call to the relevant person or directly dial an extension number, which can reduce the company’s front desk work. However, some of our extensions do not want to answer calls from outside customers directly, such as the company’s general manager. And external customers or other harassing agencies know the manager’s extension, as a result, the general manager’s extension is likely to receive frequent harassment calls. So how to solve this problem? In this document, we will introduce how a 3CX extension can block calls from an IVR extension.

Method 1

The 3CX system can turn off the direct dial extension function of the IVR extension, but this function is used globally for the 3CX system, which means that no extension can be dialed directly in all IVR extensions. This method only applicable to users who are satisfied with the 10 menu numbers from 0-9 to achieve the functions required by the customer.

Setting method: Log in to the 3CX control panel, go to Settings-Parameters-Custom Parameters, then enter the parameter IVR_DIRECT_DIALING_GRAMMAR in the search box, and then click the listed parameters to edit. Here we need to modify the value part, [0-9] represents the 10 digits 0-9, {3} represents the 3-digit extension, we changed the value in value to [0-9] {1}, and then click OK, then go to Dashboard-PBX Status-Servers and restart the 3CX PhoneSystem 01 IVR Server service.

Method 2

This method modifies the DN parameter of the extension so that the specified extension d can block calls from the IVR. Specific steps:

  • Go to Settings-Parameters, search for the parameter DEVELOPMENT_DNTABLE_EXPOSE, then set the value of this parameter to 1, click OK, and then refresh the interface so that we can see the DN attributes.
  • In the DN attribute interface, select the extension that need to block the call from the IVR extension, then find the DIRECT_FROM_IVR parameter, change the value to 0, and then click OK and restart the IVR server. So the extension will not receive calls from the IVR.

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