How to Configure SIP hotspot for Fanvil Phone



We all know that most PBXs will provide the ringing group function, like the 3CX has the ringing group function. The ringing group can realize the function of simultaneously ringing multiple phones when there is a call. Today we are going to introduce the function of the Fanvil phone itself to enable simultaneous ringing of multiple phones when there is a call.

Applicable models:

X series, C series. (This document uses the X3S phone as an example for setting instructions).

Application scenario introduction:

Suppose a phone can be used as the server (A), and other phones can be registered (B, C). Like the extension number, when someone calls A, A/B/C will ring, one of them will answer, other extensions. Stop ringing. When the B/C calls out, the actual call is made by the number of A, but the display name is marked to distinguish between B and C. Not only that, B/C phones and A phones are interoperable.


Set the SIP hotspot server side

  1. Select a phone as the server, select “A” phone here.
  2. Log in to the phone’s web page, select “Line” — “SIP” — “Basic Settings”, enter the corresponding user name and password, and let phone A register with the PBX server.

  1. Select “Line” – “SIP Hotspot”, in the SIP Hotspot setting item, select “Enable Hotspot”, select “Hotspot” in the mode, and select “SIP1 Line” registered in Step 2 in the line setting position. “, SIP 1 selects on, others are disabled.

The Phone will automatically restarted when you submit.

Set up a SIP hotspot client

  1. Select a phone as the client, and select the “B” phone here.
  2. Select “Line” — “SIP Hotspot”. In the SIP Hotspot Settings item, select “Enable Hotspot” and select “Client” in the mode. The rest is exactly the same as A Phone.

The phone will also restart automatically after submission.

  1. After restarting, the B phone automatically receives the delivered SIP line configuration. You can see that the registration server is the IP of the A phone. The number is the same as that of A, and the name is distinguished.

The default extension number of the SIP hotspot server is 0. For example, B needs to call A. You only need to enter 0 and then call out. A call B only needs to input 1 and then call out. The extension number of B can be viewed in the following picture.


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