How to use freeSSHd for 3CX


Some of our customers want to use Windows to build an SFTP server for storing 3CX backup files.

In this document we will introduce how to use freeSSHd to backup 3CX(Use openssh key).

Install and configure freeSSHd

  • Go to freesshd to download the package:
  • Follow the wizard prompts to install freesshd.
  • Go to SSH options, choose the port,Others can follow the default configuration.
  • Go to Users bar, added a user, Here we add a user named frank.Authorization type is selected as public key(ssh only).
  • Go to Authentication, choose the public key folder, the Other configurations are shown below. Password authentication:Allowed. Public key authentication:Allowed.
  • Go to SFTP, choose the folder for 3CX backup file.
  • Go to Server status, enable SSH Server.

Get openssh key

  • First Open a Windows computer with an openssh client(Or you can use linux system)
  • Then Open CMD, input the following command to Get the key ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 
  • Then press enter in the next options until the KEY file is generated
  • You will find two files, id_rsa and
  • Rename the the to frank.
  • Copy the file(frank) to the public key folder of your freesshd server.

Configure 3CX backup location

  • Login your 3cx management console, go to Backup and Restore-Location.
  • Location Type:SFTP – SSH File Transfer
  • Path (No spaces are allowed):the ip address of your freesshd server
  • Username:frank(Users you created in freesshd)
  • OpenSSH Key:upload the id_rsa file
  • Then press ok

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