Set speed dial in batch


Speed dial is a function which provides an easy method of calling a telephone number by pressing fewer digits on the keypad. For example, when 3CX extension dials 1001, the mobile number 135123456456 will ring, it is easy to set, and in the outbound rules, we can set it like this:

But if we will set a large of numbers for speed dial, we need to set a large of outbound rules, and it will be inconvenient to configure.


We can set many extensions which are used for speed dial, and these extensions will not register, when any other working extensions dial these extensions, the corresponding mobiles will ring.
The steps are as follows:
1. Export the extensions template, and add the extensions and corresponding mobiles, and some other settings, after that, please import the template to 3CX.

2. Select the imported extensions in batch, and click edit:

In the forward rules, forward the internal calls to the mobile when the selected extensions are unregistered.

After that, when any working extensions dial the unregistered extensions, the related mobile will ring.