What is Skill Based Routing?


The 3CX Enterprise edition includes Skill-Based routing, moving incoming queue calls to agents in the next skill group if members of the previous skill group(s) are busy, unavailable or logged out. For example, a call center can assign its support agents in increasing skill groups based on their expertise. In this way, incoming calls are first assigned to agents in the level “1”skill group and when not available, move on to the less experienced agents in subsequent skill groups. The following “Skill Based Routing” strategies are available:

  • Ring All – ring the phones of all the agents in the specific skill group.
  • Hunt Random Start – randomly selects an agent to assign the call to, distributing evenly the calls among the agents in the specific skill group.
  • Round Robin – cycles sequentially through all available queue agents in the specific skill group.
  • Fewest Answered – prioritizes available agents who answered the least number of calls in the specific skill group.

Skill Routing Configuration Steps:

The configuration steps of this article assume that there is a technical department queue. The members of the level 1 skill group have 000,001, the members of the level 2 skill group have 002,003, and the members of the level 3 skill group have 004,005. The polling strategy selected is Skill Based Routing Ring All.

  1. go to the 3CX Control Panel > Call Queue and select Add Call Queue.
  2. Fill in the queue name, queue extension number, select the polling policy, and other options such as the DID you need to bind.

3. Select the agent and grade it according to the skill level. Here I set 3 levels.

After configuring the relevant configuration, we dial the queue number test. When there is a call, the extension 001,000 (both extensions are online and log in to the queue state) will ring at the same time, and when both extensions are unavailable , the call will turn to the members in the level 2 skill group.



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