Direct IP call with Fanvil Phone

Direct IP call with Fanvil Phone

Scene Description

Under the same interconnected LAN, there are two Fanvil phones are not registered in the PBX . The two phones can use its IP direct dialing function to enable intra-office phones to communicate with each other.


1 Two Favnil X4 phones, and the phone is connected to the switch, and the IP address can be obtained automatically.

2 Connect a computer to the switch to ensure that the network between the computer and the phone is interoperable.

Phone and computer connection diagram:


Applicable models: X1/X2/X2C/X3S/X4/X5S

Applicable version: all versions of the applicable model

Method 1: Enter the IP address to dial the opposite phone.

  • You can view the IP address of the phone by clicking “Menu” – “Status” on the LCD screen of the phone. Then enter the IP address on your browser.
  • Cancel the SIP Invite Restrict feature that affects Direct IP call. Go to Line-Basic Settings-SIP Settings-SIP Invite Restrict, do not check this option, then click apply button.

  • Enter the IP address on the phone to make a call, for example,, where “.” is replaced with the “*”

Method 2: Implement Direct IP call through Dial Plan

  • Go to Line-Dial Plan-Add Dial Peer, enter number and IP.

  • At this point, the dialing we entered is not the IP address, but the number 232 is used instead of the IP address.

Method 3:Implement Direct IP call in DSS KEY Mode

Go to Function Key-Function Key Settings.

Type: Choose Memory Key

Name: Fill in the name of the peer device user

Value: Fill in the IP of the peer device

Sub type: Choose Speed Dial


Configuration instructions:

The phone needs to support the DSS KEY function to achieve this function.

How to use: Directly operate on the phone button

Advanced settings

When we follow the above configuration, but direct IP call test failed, Or when the phone has registered the server with the SIP extension number, It is very likely that the port update function is enabled on the phone, and the default 5060 signal port of the phone has been changed, which causes the IP direct dial test to fail.


Modify the signal port and disable port update function of the phone through the configuration file.

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